I grew up with a mom who loved to craft and bake, so I think that making things for people just comes naturally. A friend’s mom taught me how to make spaghetti sauce when I was 15, and I have been making a mess in the kitchen ever since. I love garlic, cheese, and spicy food, and I am having a good day if I can eat all of these things in the same meal! I have cut my fingers while cooking more times than I would like to admit, and I have had my fair share of recipe flops.  I currently live in San Diego, where I cook / experiment / make a mess in my pint-sized kitchen. I have been a vegetarian for longer than I can remember, so you will mostly find veggie recipes on this blog. However, I have been dabbling in meat these days and I think that a lot of my recipes would be equally delicious with some meat sprinkled in; if that is your thing.  All my recipes go through the Glitter Spice test kitchen before you will see them here.  The test kitchen consists of me making a huge mess in our small kitchen. Then, each and every recipe goes through a strict judging process, where my wife, Derika, and I taste and critique the heck out of whatever I’ve whipped up that day.  Not every recipe makes it on this blog, but my goal for the ones that do is that they are mostly healthy, delicious, and easy to make.

When I am not making a tasty mess in the kitchen, I love to travel. One of my favorite things about traveling is checking out the local cuisine. The travel page on my blog mostly consists of places we have been and the food that we ate and loved while we were there. Check out where we have lived and traveled and learn how to eat like a local on your next travel adventure.

This blog has helped me to discover that I truly love to cook, so I decided to take a leap in 2015 and attend the Natural Gourmet Institute, a culinary school in NYC. To read about my culinary school adventures click here. I am also excited to announce that I now offer personal chef services. To learn how I can cook for you check out my personal chef page.

Thank you for visiting my small space on the interwebs. I hope you find that this blog inspires you to make something homemade, to get out and travel, and to appreciate the amazingness of things like unicorns, sloths, and all other magical creatures.



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