I love curry; I mean I really really love curry.  I’ve never heard of a pumpkin curry, until I went to a teeny Thai restaurant called Thai Classic in Paso Robles, CA while we were on a little wine tasting adventure…it was one of the most amazing curries of my life!  I only ordered it, because everyone on Yelp was screaming about it…who knew a pumpkin curry could be so good!  Love!  Ever since then, I have been on a mission… Read more »

I worked at Whole Foods back in the day and I never knew how to pronounce the weird grain Quinoa.  Quinoa pronounced KEEN-Wah, not Q-Noah, not Qui-No or any other fun way you have heard it pronounced.  I have been using quinoa in place of rice in most of my recipes and I have loved it.  If part of your New Year’s resolution is to eat a bit healthier, then quinoa is going to be your new best friend. It… Read more »