After two and a half years of living in Manhattan, Derika and I decided that we missed the ocean, the sand, and the sunsets, so we decided to head back to San Diego for a little change of pace. When we left New York on February 12th it was 8 degrees, and when we got to San Diego a week later on February 19th it was 80 degrees!  As you can see from the photo above, we did not take… Read more »

The food scene in Thailand is no joke! I literally ate my way through Thailand and I am not sad about it one bit, as a matter of fact I was constantly blown away by the food that I was chowing down on. As a result I decided to do a completely separate post on the amazing and random things that I ate while I was traveling through Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi. This list is going to be a combination of… Read more »

In addition to spending some time in Bangkok during our two-week Thailand adventure, we spent 3 action packed days in Chiang Mai. To get to Chaing Mai we took a teeny airline called Nok Air. The airline’s logo is a cute bird beak and they give you snacks even if you are taking a puddle jumper! As soon as we landed we headed to the Four Season Resort just outside of Chiang Mai, where we would be spending the next few… Read more »

Over Labor Day weekend Derika and I took a small road trip up to Maine, since it is one of the few states that she still has to check off her list before she has been to all 50. Next up is Vermont for a fall color change trip, and then we will have to figure out how to get her to South Dakota to check the last state off of her list! I didn’t know much about Maine before… Read more »

Ahhhhh, Santorini…I can’t think about you and not want to go back!  I also crave a glass of chilled white wine and a warm bowl of fava dip, whenever you enter my mind.  Santorini is famous, food-wise, for a few things:  yellow split peas, tomatoes, and wine to name a few. The white wine grapes are called Assyrtiko, and you can see them growing all over the island. The most common way to prepare yellow split peas is a dish called… Read more »

Derika and I just returned from an amazing vacation in Santorini.  We went for 10 days to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and our 3-year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone…10 Years!  Santorini has been on both of our bucket lists for over 10 years now and I can tell you that it was worth the wait. We decided instead of island hopping that we would just relax and spend the whole time in Santorini. I… Read more »

  I am currently in the process of packing for our 10-year anniversary trip to Santorini, Greece! I can’t believe that a trip that we have been talking about for so long is finally here. I also can’t believe that Derika and I are getting ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary AND our 3 year wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone!? As I have been running round like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get organized for the trip,… Read more »

  Over Memorial weekend Derika surprised me with a last-minute trip to Cape Cod. I could not have been more excited, because when we looked at our summer calendar earlier in the month, we realized that we only had a handful of weekends open this summer to explore the east coast. We lived on the west coast for 7 years, and we probably drove Highway 1 at least four or five times.  I love a good road trip… You get… Read more »

A couple of weeks ago I headed to Chicago to attend The Blogcademy, a weekend long blogging workshop. A year ago, my friend Lilly (Blogger at Rake & Make) told me about a great blogging event that she was attending in Portland, and she suggested that I look into one in my hood. Of course life got in the way at the time, so one of the first things that I did when I moved to NYC, was check to see… Read more »

  Drumroll, Please…I am so excited to announce that my recipe, craft, and travel blog Glitter Spice has a new look! Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been working hard on doing a complete blog upgrade to go with the new logo. It is still a work in progress, so I welcome your feedback. If you have a minute check out her glittery new look, thank you so much for the support!