Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

Apple Cinnamon Whiskey

It has been super duper chilly in NYC the past few weeks, but I have to admit I have loved the snow.  To stay warm I have been drinking hot tea by the gallons and eating as much hot soup as I can get my hands on.  In the evenings I have been enjoying our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, working on my holiday crafts and sipping’ on some super tasty apple cinnamon whiskey to help keep me warm.  I love a good whiskey in the winter, but I bet you are wondering where in the heck I got an apple cinnamon infused whiskey??

Derika and I were down to our last few apples from our apple-picking extravaganza in New Jersey.  We picked way more apples than we had planned, because it was just so much fun!  To help get us through the apples I made baked apples, apple sauce and we used the rest of them in our green smoothies, but we still had a few left.  I didn’t want them to go bad, so I decided to combine them with some of the left over whiskey we had from our wedding.  What ended up coming out of this experiment was a whiskey from the Gods!  I have been sipping on small glasses of this whiskey in the evening as a treat and it makes me so so happy.  The key word here is ‘SMALL’ glasses.  You will be tempted to drink large glasses and before you know it the bottle will be gone and you will find yourself running round half naked frolicking in the snow. This whiskey is a lot stronger than it tastes and it WILL creep up on you… Trust me! Even if you are an experienced whiskey sipper do not under estimate this magical beverage. 😉  Now that we got that out of the way, find out how to make this amazing beverage below.



1.  Wash your apples well. Cut them up and put them into your clean airtight container.

2.  Pour in your whiskey and completely cover your apples.

3.  Add your cinnamon sticks.

Soaking apples

4.  Allow it to sit for two weeks in a cool, dark place. This is where your patience comes in handy.

5.  Once it’s done, strain it.

Straining apples1

6.  It looks so tempting, but I would recommend not eating the apples. It looks like they’re going to be super tasty. THEY ARE NOT! The sweet apple flavor now lives in the whiskey, leaving the apples tasting of death.  As a courtesy, I tasted these apples for you, so just save yourself and take my advice. 🙂

7.  Package your whiskey in an airtight container, I used a mason jar.  I stored my whiskey in the fridge, because I like the way it tastes when it is chilled.

If you make this recipe today, it will be ready just in time for you to take to your New Year’s Eve party…Where you will make all of the friends!  Now go forth and remember, small glasses and sharing are the key to success when hanging out with this tasty beverage.  Enjoy!

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  1. Jenny Ford

    This: “leaving the apples tasting of death.” A more appropriate warning has never been printed in all of time and space. Thanks for the heads up, Glitter!

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