I have been feeling a little under the weather this past week and I am at the point where I have run out to tissues, so I have resorted to using toilet paper.  No, I am not proud of this and it is so not glamorous…but it made me realize a simple DIY trick that I have not shared with you.  Blowing your nose with toilet paper sucks…it is thin, and not so soft, and it makes your nose look… Read more »

I have been trying to use green cleaning products around the house, but buying natural household items can get a bit pricey. So instead of investing in the natural household cleaners, I have switched over to using vinegar to clean my kitchen and bathroom.  It works great, but to be honest with you I cannot stand the smell of plain vinegar.  When I do purchase the natural cleaning products at the store, I usually purchase the citrus ones because I love… Read more »

The Super Bowl is coming, the Super Bowl is coming!  Ok, so this is the second time that I have lived in a city that has hosted the Super Bowl.  The last time was in Detroit in 2005.  I did not get to enjoy much of the festivities that time around, because I was working for REI and we had a to work a huge snowshoe event that weekend…Boo!  So this time I plan on getting into some fun Super… Read more »

  Drumroll, Please…I am so excited to announce that my recipe, craft, and travel blog Glitter Spice has a new look! Sorry about the lack of posts, but I have been working hard on doing a complete blog upgrade to go with the new logo. It is still a work in progress, so I welcome your feedback. If you have a minute check out her glittery new look, thank you so much for the support!

My favorite thing about growing up in the Midwest was definitely the fall.  I love the color change, crunching the leaves under my feet, Halloween, warm snuggly sweaters and going to the Cider Mill.  I appreciated all of these things during the 26 years I spent growing up in Michigan, but I did not realize how much I took them for granted until I moved to the West Coast.  Our first move was in 2006 from Michigan to Seattle.  We… Read more »

The holiday craft bug has definitely bitten me.  For Halloween in order to let the kids in our building know that they could trick or treat at our door we had to decorate it.  I did a last minute thing that involved completely wrapping our door in reversed Xmas paper and putting flying baby ghosts made out of gauze all over it.  See baby ghost hanging out with a roller skating unicorn below… The chaos that I created on the… Read more »

For a long as I can remember Derika and I have been talking about how we would love to have a world map that we could put pins in to mark where we have traveled.   Why haven’t we made this dream a realty!? Here are some of the hold ups…I have yet to find a map that I really love, but I don’t know how hard I have actually been looking.  Also getting things framed can be a bit… Read more »

Last week Derika had to go to Seattle for work and I decided that it would be a crime for me not to go with her.  So she went for work and I went for play! Derika and I lived in Seattle for 4 years so I knew that I would be able to get into some trouble while she was at work during the week, and then she and I would stay the weekend so that we would have… Read more »

We are finally getting settled in our NYC apartment after our epic seven day 4300 mile road trip across the country.   We moved to NYC, because Derika was transferred with her job.  We left behind a great city, amazing beaches, and some really fantastic friends, but we are excited for a new adventure in our new city.  Derika, Julia the Mystical Traveling Unicorn (a thoughtful road trip gift from a great friend) and I, left lovely San Diego on August… Read more »