I am alive!  I am so sorry about my lack of posting, but things have been a little bit crazy with culinary school, teaching yoga and trying to finish up a restaurant internship. I am finally starting to see the light and the end of the tunnel and I have some really good news! It is officially official, and I can hardly believe it, but I have graduated from culinary school and I am now an employed chef working at the Little Beet Table, a gluten-free restaurant in NYC. It is so crazy that I had the idea to attend culinary school in February and by September I am a real live chef!  All I have to say is that if you are thinking of going to culinary school you should definitely do it. Over the past few months, I have grown in so many ways and I have learned so much.

When I was thinking about going to a culinary school, one of my biggest fears was signing up for a two year culinary program. Two years seemed like such a long time, and what happened if I hated it. I knew that I did not want to commit the next two years of my life to going to school, so I was super excited to find a culinary school like the Natural Gourmet Institute (NGI). NGI was so in line with my personal values and interests and their chef in training program was only five months! My first thought was that I could do anything for five months. So I took the leap and that is what has been consuming my life lately.

As I was going through the culinary program learning ALL of the things a weird thing happened.  I was learning so much and having so much fun, that I started to wish that the time would slow down a bit or that I would have signed up for a longer culinary program. I just felt that the amount of information that we were covering was a lot in such a short period of time. At times it felt like too much for my brain to absorb. Also there were some things in the program that I wish we could have spent more time on and some things in the program that we did not cover that I wish we would have…like cheese and wine. Mmmmmm….cheeeese!

Anyway, I really wanted this post to recap all of the amazing things that I learned and got to do at school and had the full intention to blog about, but never got the chance too. But I realized that I could never accurately recap all of the amazing things that happened while I was in school. So this post ended up being one of my hardest to write. Fortunately, I ended up getting lucky that an amazing classmate of mine put together an awesome video that neatly wraps up my past six months into a lovely seven minute video. I don’t think that anything I write could possibly do a better job of giving you a glimpse of what culinary school is like, so I will just let this video do it for me. Thanks Madeline for putting it together, I will cherish it always!

Enjoy the show!




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  1. madilyne

    I’ve had this post book marked for a while to come back and read/watch when I have a free moment. I finally did! It was great. So proud of you D! Congrats Chef!


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