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In a little over a week I will be headed to Blogcademy in Chicago and I cannot wait!! Blogcademy is a two-day workshop that is designed to give you the tools that you need to help kick your blog up a notch or 15. It is hosted by 3 amazing ladies that are currently rocking it out on their own blogs, and I am really excited to work with them.  The Blogcademy is coming to NYC in September, but I just couldn’t wait until then so I registered for the May event in Chicago. I haven’t been to Chicago in almost 10 years, and I love traveling in the spring, so I thought that The Blogcademy was a good excuse to go.  As an added bonus, I am staying with my old roller derby friend Sara Problem while I am in Chicago. She just so happens to be coaching a team on the Windy City Rollers Roller Derby League…if I play my cards right, I hope to check out a roller derby game while I am there.  I am going to have all of the fun!

Today I realized that Blogcademy was a little over a week away and that I should start planning my outfits accordingly, because this girl is running out of time!  One of the great things about Blogcademy is that all of the participants are encouraged to wear cute ears on their head of some sort.  I am totally all about anything in headband form with something cute attached to it, that I can put on my head.

Cinco de Mayo

On my way to the post office the other day, I was taking inventory of all of the fun headbands that I own…bunny ears, a rainbow bright headband, a unicorn horn, a tiny Mexican hat, a tiny Mardi Gras hat, but I didn’t have anything that was glittery.  As I was debating if I should go home and order something glittery off of Etsy, I passed a Michael’s Craft store…you all know that I can’t help but go into this store. Now I had a legit reason and I also had a 20% off coupon burning a whole in my pocket. Surprisingly, I was only in there for 15 minutes and I managed to walk out with 2 sticky pieces of glittery foam paper, some yarn for a future scarf, and a bunch of glow sticks (I am planning a little glow stick fun in my next yoga classes that I teach).  I walked out of there with all of these goodies for under $15 dollars…Winning!  On my way home I passed a dollar store, where I was able to score 3 headbands for a dollar…the glittery headband planets were definitely aligning.  I raced home with my crafty treasures and this is what I came up with.


Kitty Ear Supplies


1. Draw out and cut an oval ear shape out of your white paper.

2. Trace two ear shapes on the back of your sticky foam with your ear template.

Traced Ears

3. Cut out the ears.

Cut out ears

4. Fold the ears in half to make sure that you cut the ears out evenly.

5. Before you remove the back from the ears, play around with the ear placement on your headband until you get it to your liking.

6. Peel the back off one of your ears and place the headband into the crease that you created when you previously folded your ear.

7. Fold the ear over the headband and stick the sticky sides together.  Do the same with the second ear.

Continue to make as many glittery kitty ear headbands, as your little heart desires.  I made a total of 2 to go with my outfits for the grand total of $4.25.  Amazing!

The possibilities are really endless; so don’t think that you just have to limit yourself to sparkly kitty ears.  I can’t wait to see what you create!

Silver Kitty Ears


Happy Crafting!

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