DIY Sunglass Holder


Derika celebrated her birthday a couple of weeks ago, so I can finally post this DIY Sunglass Holder that I made for her. I don’t know if you remember, but Derika and I went a little sunglass crazy when we were on our Cape Cod trip.




I am sure that some of you are wondering why it is necessary to have more than one pair of brightly colored sunglasses. I feel that you can never have too many sunglasses and I/we love to coordinate. Since our trip, these sunglasses have been hanging out on our dresser, which works just fine for optimal sunglass to outfit coordination. However, when you have to move one million sunglasses in order to dust the dresser, it can get kind of annoying. I love homemade gifts and had my heart set on making at least one thing for Derika for her birthday. So to get inspired, I started scootin’ around Pinterest and came across a couple of different versions of sunglass holders. They all looked pretty simple to make, but as I was gathering supplies for this project, I ended up altering my version a bit based off of what I already had at home to work with.  This whole project was super easy and only cost me $12…Winning! Derika loved her gift and dusting the dresser is now a breeze! Follow my simple steps below to make your own.

Here is what you will need…







1. Remove the glass from the picture frame and flip it over.

2.  Depending on your frame size, you will need to decide there you would like to screw in your 4 eye rings.


Eyehook in frame


*Note –  I got some of my sunglasses out, and measured the distance between where each wire would hang, so that when the glasses hung on the wire they would not be touching.  If you don’t get the placement right the first time you can always move your screws.


eyehook placement boxes


3.  Attach your wire to the eye screws.  Make sure you cut the wire long enough so that you can wrap it a few times around the eye screw. If you find that your wire is a bit loose once you attach it to the eye screw, just give the screw a half turn or so to tighten the wire.


Wire on frame


That is all there is to it! Have fun making a sunglass holder for yourself and for you friends for X-mas!  I can’t believe I am already thinking about the holidays, where did summer go?


Happy Crafting!



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