I am really excited to share a few quick recipes that I have been working on, and to share with you these awesome jars that I have been using. I was contacted by Infinity Jars about a month ago, and they asked if I would be interested in trying some of their ultraviolet jars.  I have been looking into upgrading the spice jars in my spice cabinet, so I thought why not give these jars a try. I jumped on their site and was surprised that they had more than just spice jars, so I decided to try one spice jar, one jar for oil and another jar for something pickled. I have been using these bottles for about a week, and I really like them. First off, they look super cool (winning), they don’t hold any odors no matter what you put in them, and they are easy to clean. I really like that the dark glass helps keep your herbs and oil happy a lot longer, than if you were to use a clear container. I can’t wait to share these jars and my recipes with you. Below you will find my review of each jar that I used, along with a quick simple way to use your new sexy kitchen jars.

Dried Rosemary 

50ml Screw Top Jar

Right now I have a huge rosemary plant outside of my house. I always use this rosemary fresh, because it is right outside of my door. However this new jar inspired me to try drying some of this rosemary. To make your own dried rosemary follow these quick and easy steps.

  1. Cut about five or six rosemary sprigs and wash them off.
  2. Lay them out on a paper towel overnight until they are completely dry.
  3. Once they are dry pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees.
  4. Lay the rosemary sprigs out on the baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes.
  5. After 45 minutes check to see if the rosemary is dry. It should easily fall off the stem when you touch it. If it still feels damp, place it back in the oven, and keep a close eye on it.
  6. Once your rosemary is dry, remove it from the stem and place it into a food processor.
  7. Pulse a few times until you get your desired consistency, careful not to turn it into rosemary fairy dust.
  8. Transfer your new spice into your favorite spice vessel and Voila, you now have your own dried rosemary!

I really like this jar for the rosemary. Dried rosemary is pretty strong, I took all of the rosemary out of the jar after a week, washed it, and the smell has not gotten stuck in this jar. I plan to keep this rosemary in this jar for the next month to see how fresh it stays, but so far it is just a fresh as it was a week ago!


Garlic Oil

250ml Square glass bottle with oil spout

I was excited to try the square bottle with the pour spout, because I have been wanting to make my own garlic oil for a while. I wanted to use this jar for an infused oil, because I know that the darker glass is great at keeping your oil fresher longer. I also just bought a bunch of nice olive oil from Ojai, that I was dying to use. Follow these easy steps to make you own garlic infused olive oil.

  1. Peel half of head of garlic.
  2. Rinse the garlic under cold water and let dry (preferably overnight).
  3. Once your garlic is dry, add one cup of olive oil to a sauce pan and bring it up to 200 degrees.You can use more oil just make sure that the container you are using can hold it.
  4. Add your clean and dry garlic to your oil and let it simmer in the oil for 5 minutes, careful not to burn.
  5. After five minutes, carefully strain your hot oil into a bowl that is resting in an ice bath to cool the oil
  6. Once your oil is cool, transfer it to your favorite oil vessel.
  7. You can keep this in your fridge for about a month.

The oil turned out great and after a week the jar is not holding any of the garlic smell, which I am really impressed with. I really like the pour spout on this jar, it has a little strainer on it that allows you to control how much oil pours out at a time. I hate it when I am using one of my fancy olive oils, and it comes dumping out onto whatever I am cooking.

Spicy Refrigerator Dill Pickles

500ml Glass Screw Top

I love anything pickled, but sometimes I don’t have the patience to wait for things to ferment. So I was excited to make my quick and easy refrigerator pickles in this new infinity jar. You can find my simple recipe here. The great thing about this recipe, that you can buy the ingredients in the morning and have a spicy pickle by lunch 🙂 . Now that is my type of pickle!

This jar was perfect for a quick batch of refrigerator dills.  It was big enough so I could enjoy them for a few days, but small enough that it forces me to make a fresh batch weekly.  I really like the secure lid and the fact that this jar does not hold odors makes me really excited to try some kimchi storage in this jar!

I hope you enjoy these quick and easy recipes and I hope that you check out Infinity Jars, if you are looking for an awesome upgrade to some of your well-loved kitchen containers. I just want to let you know that I received these jars from Infinity jars for free, but I definitely plan on buying more in the near future. If you would like some awesome jars of your own, click one the links above.





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