Kale Chips I have what some people call a problem with chips…if they are in front of me I have to eat them.  I don’t discriminate…tortilla chips, kettle chips, hot chips…I love them all! This ginormous obsession forced me to find a healthy alternative for this not so healthy snack, and that is how I stumbled upon kale chips.  I like kale and I love chips, so how can you really go wrong…well unless they turn out soggy, cuz I hate soggy things.

There are a ton of recipes for kale chips on the interwebs right now and I have made a lot of these… below you will find the recipe that I put together based off of my many of batches of these magical green chips.

Kale Chip Ingredients

Kale Chip Ingredients


  • 1 head curly kale, washed and thoroughly dried
  • Canola/Olive oil spray
  • Salt of choice for sprinkling (I love sprinkles)

Additional Toppings: My current fave is nutritional yeast and truffle salt (I love love love this), but you could add parmesan, garlic powder, chili powder…the possibilities are endless.


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Remove the ribs/stems from the kale and cut/tear the kale into chip-size pieces.

3. Throw the chip size pieces of kale into a salad spinner or a colander and rinse your kale throughly.

*Note:  It is great to set your colander in a bowl and fill that with water so you can really swish around your kale.  Kale holds a lot of dirt and this will help you make sure it is extra clean.

4. This is super important! Dry your kale in a salad spinner, or pat it dry really well with a towel.  If the kale has any moisture on it when it goes into the oven it will steam instead of crisp. Remember, no one likes soggy chips.

5. Get a baking sheet and spray it is lightly with your oil.

6. Lay the kale out as a single layer on the baking sheet and lightly spray with your oil of choice and salt (see photo below).

Pre-baked Kale

7. Bake 12-15 minutes until crisp, turning the leaves halfway through.

*Note:  Really watch the chips around the 10 min mark, because they can go from green to burnt in 2.5 seconds.

HAPPINESS! Finished Kale Chips

Heck yes!  You just made your first batch of kale chips!

*Note: I can easily eat a whole head of kale chips myself, so don’t worry about having too much.  I did find that these chips do not do well overnight, they tend to be a little limp the next day (i.e. soggy, which we don’t like).  If you want chips that last longer, you might need to invest in a food dehydrator.  


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