Is it summer yet

At this very moment I am daydreaming about twinkling my toes in the sand, while sipping on a tasty beverage and watching a sunset. This NYC winter has really given me a run for my money and spring can join the party at any time! I just realized that I have not done a single This and That Thursday post the whole month of March. I think that is because I was having way to much fun cooking up some new recipes and gathering all of the info for my Eat and Play Like a Local in San Diego post. I do have to say that even though I had a great time digging up all of the info for the San Diego post, it did not help my summer fever one bit.  I actually think that it made it worse.

To keep my spirits up and to push through the final days of chilly weather, I thought that I would take a moment to share with you some of the things that I am currently obsessing over.


  • Derika and I would eat the heck out of this when we lived in Michigan and I have been trying to recreate THIS at home. Instead of a thick spread, I now have vats of garlic oil hanging out in my fridge. It is not the worse case scenario, however I have vowed not to give up until I can successfully make it.


  • I invested in THIS Kickstarter campaign, and I finally got my fermentor. I am not so patiently waiting for my first batch of kimchi to be ready! Recipe coming soon.


  • I really need a new phone cover for my iphone and I have been obsessing over THIS one.


  • I have slowly been making the transition to natural beauty products and I am currently in love with THIS.


  • I just started to doodle again, so I decided to treat myself to THIS on my last shopping trip. Now all I want to do is draw unicorns on everything!


  • I could not believe that I found a six-pack of THIS in my local grocery store! I swooped it up and I have been sipping on this golden sunshine while I make dinner.


I hope that this list finds you some place warm or hopefully you are at least enjoying a warming beverage. I leave you with this lovely ditty. I witnessed this older man on my way to work the other day. Notice the amazing boom box he has hanging from his belt and I hope you enjoy his song of choice. 🙂




It is strange how it seems to be perfectly acceptable in NYC to play your music on the street or in the subway without headphones. You will also find that if the person is so kind enough to use their headphones, that more often than not this headphoned person will proceed to sing out loud so that you can also enjoy their music as well. Maybe these people wish that they had enough balls to listen to their music without their headphones!? I am still doing research on this topic. My full NYC street music study is still not complete, but I will report back once I have all of the data collected. I love the random things that I encounter in NYC!

Stay Warm!

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