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All right friends, I am squeezing this one in right under the wire. I can’t believe that it is already the end of April and I am just posting my first This & That Thursday post! I am currently in week two of the culinary program at the Natural Gourmet Institute and I am having ALL of the fun. I am just a teeny bit overwhelmed, which I guess is to be expected. It is worth it though, because I am doing something that I really love. We have just started to cook up a storm this week, and I am super duper excited about all of the things that I am learning. I really can’t wait to start sharing everything with you guys.

Over the past week we have been¬†learning about every fruit and vegetable under the sun, and we also learned how to fry ALL of the things! Fried things are still healthy if they are vegetables, right? ūüėČ

Fried Veggies!

In addition to frying all of the things, I have still managed to find some time to fall in love with a few things. So I thought that I would whip together a teeny list of things that I am currently obsessing over right now.

  • I really really want to subscribe to¬†THIS¬†for their undie of the month club! I mean how could you not want to be in and undie of the month club!?


  • I have been fermenting the heck out of all of the things with THIS awesome fermentor. If you like pickled things, this will be your new best friend.


  • With the fermentor that I have mentioned above, I’ve just made the most mind blowing kimchi with THIS¬†secret spice.


  • I love a good burrito, and I love¬†THIS¬†cute video of someone that loves burritos just at much as I do.


  • Even though I already have about 5 of them, I am so so in love with THIS mala. I think that I might need it.


  • I am obsessing over THIS fair trade company that gets their goods from Thailand. If you need a great gift for a friend check out this awesome company.


Sorry for the short list, but I hope the video will makes up for it. Do something that scares you in May and have ALL of the fun!!

Happy Spring!

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