Travel Snacks
Travel snacks are the most important thing you need to think about when you are planning a successful road trip.  Oh sure, I guess you should plan your route ahead of time. That way you would know where you are going, but even the best road warriors get lost from time to time.

“What saves those skillful road warriors when they are lost??”…  Epic travel snacks!

“What saves you from having to buy the sketchy boiled peanuts at the gas station when you are starving??”… Epic travel snacks!

“What helps you make friends with the gaggle of goats that are hanging out along the side of the road??”… Epic travel snacks!

“What keeps you from chewing your hand off when you are stuck in holiday traffic and there are no rest stops in sight??”…Epic travel snacks!

You get the point. Everything is much more manageable on the road when you have all of the snacks you need, and you aren’t dealing with hangry (aka…Hungry Angry) passengers.

Derika and I are heading out on our second east coast road trip since we have moved to NYC.  We are heading to Cape Cod for Memorial Day weekend, and I know for a fact that we are going to have ALL OF THE FUN, but the traffic is going to suck butt. I find that the key to not letting the traffic get to you is by winning your road snacking.

Tip Numero Uno: This is not the time to get on your healthy high horse, because you will get bucked off before your horse even begins to prance.  Everybody needs some cheat snacks to add balance, so the key is to diversify.  My formula for ultimate snacking happiness is for every two healthy snacks, I throw in one cheat snack.

For Example:

Veggie Sticks with Sassy Sauce + Trail Mix = One Block of Cheddar with Crackers

Carrots, Celery and Cheese

Dried Mangos + Grapes = Veggie Chips

Grapes, Mangos and Veggie Chips

Kind Bars+ Trail Mix = Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Trail Mix, Kind Bars, n Chocolate Almonds
Tip Numero Dos: I find that if you have the right balance of healthy snacks and cheat snacks, then you won’t be as tempted to buy every Limited Edition Doritos flavor that you see while you are on the road.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t buy these rare Doritos (that are calling out to you, while you are in the gas station looking for a restroom), who knows when you will find them again. I am saying that by planning your snacks ahead, hopefully you will have enough magical snacks in the car, that you might only buy one bag of Limited Edition Doritos…rather than every new flavor you see.  It is all about finding a balance that helps you feel good and not guilty while you are on the road.

Tip Numero Tres: Pack your own tasty beverages.  Nothing makes a road trip more rewarding than to be able to celebrate your safe arrival with a tasty beverage.  You can make them ahead and keep them in a thermos so that you can have a cocktail with your picnic. Or you can just bring the supplies with you so that you don’t have to go hunting for a store as soon as you arrive.  Who knows…. you might arrive to your destination late, and then what are you going to do!? Trust me you will thank me for this tip.  PS. Don’t forget the bottle opener! 😉

road cocktails

As a side note, feel free to use these snacking tips for your next flight.  Nothing is worse than being stuck in an airport that only has week old pizza slices as your only snacking choice.

Now go forth my road warriors, and win your road trip this holiday weekend!


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