Does your spice cabinet look like this?

Sad Looking Spice Cabinet

But, you wish it looked like this!!!

Oh La La, what a sexy looking spice cabinet!

In this DIY post, I am going to tell you how to get your hot mess looking spice cabinet back in shape again.  So here’s the deal, cluttered spaces make me kind of crazy, but once I get that space cleaned and organized I get the same feeling I get after a new haircut.  You know that feeling…it makes you feel all light and airy.

I really needed to get rid of all of the random bags of spices and beans in my cabinet, because every time I would open it these things would come tumbling out.  I would also find myself buying a lot of duplicate spices, because I never knew what I had in that clustered mess I called a spice cabinet.

Since I didn’t need a ton of containers, I decided to treat myself and take a little field trip to the amazing Container Store.  I know, I know… this store is sooooo dangerous.  I treat this store the same way that I do Target, I make a list and just go for the things that are on my list. DO NOT STRAY FROM THE LIST…or you are done for and will find yourself $100 poorer.

So with my list in hand, I was ready for my field trip to the Container store. I was in search of small jars for my random spices, small canisters for my dried beans, and labels for these containers.  In my search I found these small jars, these fun colored rectangular canisters for my dried beans, and these super cheap and easy to use labels (which work amazingly on plastic containers), and I managed to walk out of that dangerous store with money to spare!

I took my new containers and new labels and got to work as soon as I got home.  In under an hour and only a few major spice explosions in the kitchen, I had successfully put all of my random spices and beans into the containers I purchased. Ah-Maz-ing!!! I then used those really handy dandy post-it labels to label all of these containers and the rest of the unlabeled containers in my kitchen.  Before I knew it my spice cabinet went from a hot mess is to a fierce cooking assistant!  It was like magic! This new organized spice cabinet has already made my cooking adventures so much more enjoyable, and I find myself being even more motivated to cook!

If you need to buy a ton of containers, you could probably go to IKEA and get similar containers for a cheaper price.  You could also find the labels at your local office supply store.  Now go tear it up and bring the sexy back to your spice cabinet!

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