I hope that everyone had a great holiday! We didn’t get into too much, but the weather was beautiful so we headed on over to Central Park and pretended that we were laying on the beach in the sunshine. It was not the beach, but the little extra vitamin D and the bunny ears did us wonders. ūüėČ Minus the weird snow hiccup we had last week, spring has officially sprung in NYC and I cannot stop taking photos of… Read more »

I’m BACK…sorry about the small hiatus. March seemed to be a popular month for houseguests. ¬†I have spent the past two weeks playing tour guide for some of my most favorite people from the West Coast. ¬†It has been great, because not only was I able to show them some places that I love, I was able to discover a ton of new places. I am constantly amazed by how many things New York City has to offer. ¬†You could… Read more »

For the past week, Derika has been traveling in South Africa for a Pepsi Corps project. When¬†I am home by myself; I like to make something earlier in the week that I can recreate into new and exciting dishes as the week goes on. ¬†When I cook for Derika and I,¬†I always make too much food. So when I am cooking for myself, you can’t even imagine how many leftovers I have. Good thing I like leftovers, but I have… Read more »

MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm‚Ķ.Good! ¬†Soup is definitely one of my favorite things, especially if it has a little kick! ¬†It is super chilly here on the east coast right now, but this zippy tomato basil soup will warm you right up and it is a cinch to make. The inspiration for this recipe was a parmesan cheese rind that I have been saving in my fridge. ¬†I have always wanted to use one in a recipe, and I thought that this rind would… Read more »

We spent Thanksgiving in Florida, and we were so excited to spend a week in the warm weather swimming, visiting with family and getting a little sunshine. ¬†Unfortunately, Mother Nature had a different plan and decided to have the coldest weather that Florida has seen since February‚ĶBah! ¬†Of course, I only brought sun dresses and one pair of jeans‚Ķlet’s just say that my jeans were well-loved by the end of the trip. ¬†We always go to Clearwater Beach no matter… Read more »

Happy Halloween!!! I cannot believe that tomorrow is November 1st, and that Derika and I have been living in NYC for 2 months already…where has the year gone!? ¬†The weather is starting to get chilly in NYC, and it is really starting to make me miss sunny San Diego and the amazing farmer’s markets that happen all year there. When Derika and I lived in San Diego, we use to go to the farmer’s market twice a week to pick… Read more »