Zucchini Pasta

I’ve wanted a vegetable spiralizer for a couple of years now, and this Christmas Santa finally brought me one! There are a ton of different versions out there, so after I got mine I did some research. I found out that the two most popular ones are thePaderno World Cuisine Spiralizer and the GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer. Santa ended up getting me the GEFU version and I really like it.  I have a ton of kitchen appliances and I like that it is compact and easily fits into my kitchen drawer.  I also like it because it has two different options for thick or thin ‘noodles’ and it is also super easy to clean.

I was a bit skeptical on how zucchini noodles would turn out, but I have to say that I am impressed and obsessed!  They are so good, and the spiralizer is a cinch to use.  Now lets get to making some noodles!

Step One

Buy yourself a veggie sprializer. Here is what mine looks like.


Step Two…

Get yourself a zucchini, cut the ends off of it and attach it to whatever spiralizer  you purchased.  Once your zucchini is attached, simply begin to spin the zucchini in your spirlaizer….Ohhhh, Magic!


Step Three…

Spiralize the heck out of your zucchini.  It comes out in ginormous strands, so I would recommend cutting it the length of spaghetti noodles once you are done spiraling.  Your zucchini should look like this.  Soooo, pretty!

Zucchini Noodles

The great thing about the spiralizer is that it takes the middle out of the zucchini, which is the part that gets soggy when you cook zucchini.  I hate soggy things, so this is one of the reasons why this is the kitchen appliance for me.  So, there you have it folks…zucchini noodles in a flash! I like to heat a 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil up in a pan and quickly sauté the noodles with salt and pepper, before I top them with my favorite sauce.  Enjoy your new guilt free noodles and stay tuned for zucchini noodle recipes coming to a Glitter Spice blog near you!

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