A big bowl of chili is probably one of my favorite comfort foods. I have been known to make a big pot of chili at the beginning of the week, and eat off of it all week-long. I love that I can add avocado, scallions, cheese, cilantro, jalapenos, tortilla chips, etc. It is kind of like a choose your own adventure dish that just makes me so so happy. We were invited to a potluck last week, while San Diego… Read more »

It is Taco Tuesday again, how are you going to celebrate? Derika is traveling so I am treating myself to margarita happy hour with a friend. Last week I made a killer enchilada sauce, no more canned enchilada sauce for this girl. With that sauce I made this epic veggie enchilada casserole.  This dish would be great for a Taco Tuesday or a Cinco de Mayo party. I can’t believe that Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner! Get… Read more »

I love Mexican food, so much that I could probably eat it everyday.  One of the best things about Mexican food is eating Mexican food with some killer refried beans.  I love them on nachos and burritos and tacos and enchiladas, and you get the picture.  I am not great at planning ahead before I cook, unless I am having a dinner party. During the week, I usually decide what I am going to make by what is in season… Read more »