So the heat continues and I am still not complaining after the winter that we had, I am just getting more creative with how to not use the oven on the sweatiest of days. We have also officially opened up the Double D Bistro and we are now taking reservations. ūüôā     We are lucky that the windows of our apartment overlook a quiet street and a courtyard. We open the windows and slide our bar stools up… Read more »

It has been¬†heating¬†up in NYC, which has been making our apartment feel like my own personal sauna. ¬†We do have air conditioners, but I am fighting it, because I feel like I really need to embrace the summer a bit since the winter was so brutal. I will admit though that we have been using the one in our bedroom¬†at night to help us sleep…it has also been doing wonders on drowning out the city noise. As a result of… Read more »

Derika¬†managed to catch the plague at work last week and with all the travel and long hours, this cold has been holding on for dear life. I have been keeping my distance the best I can in our 582 square foot apartment. ¬†I have also been downing a ton of fire cider and drinking tons of water¬†in hopes that I don’t get the plague as well. ¬†So far it has been working like a dream! Yay, for Fire Cider and… Read more »

I hope that everyone had a great holiday! We didn’t get into too much, but the weather was beautiful so we headed on over to Central Park and pretended that we were laying on the beach in the sunshine. It was not the beach, but the little extra vitamin D and the bunny ears did us wonders. ūüėČ Minus the weird snow hiccup we had last week, spring has officially sprung in NYC and I cannot stop taking photos of… Read more »

I wish that everyday were taco Tuesday, so then I could eat all things Mexican all of the days! I think that I have mentioned in a blog post or ten that I love Mexican food and I really love taco Tuesday. Not like I need a reason, but it gives me an extra reason to whip up some Mexican food and eat the heck out of some chips and salsa. The other day, I was doing the washer and… Read more »

I’m BACK…sorry about the small hiatus. March seemed to be a popular month for houseguests. ¬†I have spent the past two weeks playing tour guide for some of my most favorite people from the West Coast. ¬†It has been great, because not only was I able to show them some places that I love, I was able to discover a ton of new places. I am constantly amazed by how many things New York City has to offer. ¬†You could… Read more »

For the past week, Derika has been traveling in South Africa for a Pepsi Corps project. When¬†I am home by myself; I like to make something earlier in the week that I can recreate into new and exciting dishes as the week goes on. ¬†When I cook for Derika and I,¬†I always make too much food. So when I am cooking for myself, you can’t even imagine how many leftovers I have. Good thing I like leftovers, but I have… Read more »

I love Mexican food, so much that I could probably eat it everyday. ¬†One of the best things about Mexican food is eating Mexican food with some killer refried beans. ¬†I love them on nachos and burritos and tacos and enchiladas, and you get the picture. ¬†I am not great at planning ahead before I cook, unless I am having a dinner party. During the week, I usually decide what I am going to make by what is in season… Read more »

¬† So the veggie spiralizer obsession continues! ¬†I thought that since I did a blog post on how to make zucchini noodles that it would be a little cruel to leave you hanging without something delicious to cover them with. ¬†I bet you didn’t know this, but I live with a Bolognese Connoisseur…my wife Derika looooooves Bolognese. ¬†Currently, her two favorite places to get Bolognese are Bizarro Italian Cafe in Seattle and the Union Square Cafe in NYC. If you… Read more »

  I love curry; I mean I really really love curry. ¬†I’ve never heard of a pumpkin curry, until I went to a teeny Thai restaurant called¬†Thai Classic¬†in Paso Robles, CA while we were on a little wine tasting adventure‚Ķit was one of the most amazing curries of my life! ¬†I only ordered it, because everyone on Yelp was screaming about it‚Ķwho knew a pumpkin curry could be so good! ¬†Love! ¬†Ever since then, I have been on a mission… Read more »